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Flat White Coffee, Sydney Style: How Cafe C&M Masters the Local Favourite

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In the heart of Sydney, a city celebrated for its dynamic coffee culture, the flat white is a true hero. At Cafe C&M, our baristas have elevated their art for this favourite brew, making it a highlight on our coffee menu.

The Origin of the Flat White

Tracing its roots back to the vibrant coffee houses of Australia and New Zealand, the flat white has become a defining feature of Sydney’s coffee scene. This espresso-based drink, known for its velvety microfoam, has captivated the hearts of locals and tourists alike, symbolising the city’s refined coffee tastes. On our travels, too, we have been delighted to see and partake in the Flat White at coffee houses in Prague and London! No doubt a good coffee story can travel far.

Cafe C&M’s Secret to the Perfect Flat White

The journey to the perfect flat white at Cafe C&M begins with selecting the finest coffee beans sourced from our roasting partners, Campos Coffee. Our baristas, highly experienced in the art of coffee making, pay meticulous attention to every detail, from the bean’s grind to the milk’s temperature and texture. This dedication ensures each cup delivers a harmonious blend of strong coffee and silky foam.

Flat White: A Local Favourite Across Sydney’s Communities

The flat white is a staple in every corner of Sydney, from Darlinghurst’s bustling lanes to Bondi’s laid-back beach style. Like Sarah from Potts Point, our customers share stories of their days starting with a Cafe C&M flat white, describing it as “a comforting ritual that’s very Sydney.”

Beyond the Brew: The Cafe C&M Experience

At Cafe C&M, enjoying a flat white is more than a drink; it’s an experience. Our cafes, each with unique character, reflect the diverse spirit of Sydney. In Darlinghurst, our cafe is a chic, artistic space, while in Bondi, it’s a relaxed, friendly hub for locals and passers-by on Old South Head Road. Each location offers a distinct way to enjoy our celebrated flat white.

Pairing A Flat White Coffee with the Perfect Bite

Our menu, designed to complement our coffees, features various delectable options. The crowd favourite gourmet bagels range from savoury selections like grilled halloumi with avocado and tomato to the ever-popular Benedict bagel. These pairings are thoughtfully prepared to enhance the flat white experience.

Community and Coffee: The Heart of Cafe C&M

Cafe C&M is more than a cafe; it’s a community gathering spot. Our spaces are where connections are made, ideas are born, and the love for coffee deepens.

Make Yours A Flat White Coffee Kind of Day!

The flat white is an integral part of Sydney’s coffee culture, and at Cafe C&M, we take pride in being a part of this tradition. Our commitment to quality, community, and the perfect brew is what makes us a much-loved destination for coffee lovers.

Join us at Cafe C&M to savour the best flat white in Sydney, where every cup is a celebration of our passion for coffee and community.



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