Discover Darlinghurst's coffee and culinary gem: Cafe C&M

Nestled in the heart of Darlinghurst, Cafe C&M is your local cosy corner, where the coffee is always rich and the welcome is warm. Our cafe has quickly blossomed into a neighbourhood favourite, where the kitchen’s magic transforms fresh ingredients into mouth-watering treats, and our baristas elevate coffee-making to an art form.

A touch of home in every cup

At Cafe C&M, we believe that a great cafe offers more than just food and drink—it provides a touch of home. That’s why our Darlinghurst location is designed to be your cosy urban retreat, where the city buzz fades into the background as you savour the comfort of our expertly brewed Campos Coffee and indulge in the heartwarming flavours of our kitchen’s creations.

Your culinary haven from dawn until dusk

Whether you’re kick-starting your day with a robust breakfast or seeking the perfect lunch to fuel your afternoon, Cafe C&M stands ready to serve. Our menu, a blend of sweet and savoury delights, caters to every taste and dietary preference. And for those on the move, our takeaway options ensure you can take a piece of Cafe C&M with you, wherever life may lead.

Serving sydney's most dynamic neighbourhoods

At Cafe C&M Darlinghurst, we’re proud to serve our wider community too. We love welcoming our customers from:

  • Bustling streets of the Sydney CBD
  • Eclectic charm of Woolloomooloo
  • Cool Vibes of Darlington
  • Vibrant Kings Cross and Potts Point
  • The creative spirit of Surry Hills
  • Stylish avenues of Paddington

We serve them all. Our cafe is a melting pot for locals and visitors from these diverse areas, offering a welcoming space where everyone can enjoy a moment of delicious respite.

Catering with care

Hosting an event? Let Cafe C&M Darlinghurst add a dash of flavour with our bespoke catering services. Our dedicated team is on hand to curate a menu that will satisfy your guests and elevate your gathering to an experience.

A Darlinghurst destination for coffee lovers

Join us at Cafe C&M Darlinghurst, where every visit is an experience to cherish. Our doors are open for you to discover the joy of great food, friendly service, and a community atmosphere only Darlinghurst can offer.
We’re not just a cafe; we’re a destination.

Visit us today and become part of the Cafe C&M story.