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Breakfast Fruit Platter Catering Sydney: Fresh Starts with Seasonal Picks!

Breakfast fruit platter catering Cafe C&M
Fruit Platters are a great way to add freshness to your next breakfast event in Sydney. We’ve got you covered with our delicious fruit platter catering options. Incorporating seasonal fruits such as berries, mangoes, and melons into your events offers a healthy addition to the spread, a pop of colour and a dash of deliciousness. Fruit platters can be the perfect centrepiece for morning or afternoon tea or any special occasion.

Explore Our Catering Offers

We have exciting breakfast catering offerings with various delicious options, which are beautiful to look at and fresh and can cater to different dietary needs and requirements.

Seasonal Fruit Platter Catering Selections

In the spotlight are seasonal items to ensure the freshest flavours and colours. The produce is sourced locally, guaranteeing the ripest fruits the season offers.
  • Variety: A mix of berries, citrus, and other fruits in season.
  • Colour & Flavour: Bright and inviting – juicy, sweet, tangy and tart, they all make it onto the platter!

Include Fruit Platters in your Customisable Breakfast Catering

Customisation allows you to create your ideal breakfast spread.
  • Preferences: Select items from our extensive menu designed for simple ordering and pick up or delivery.
  • Themes: Have a specific party or event theme? Have a look through our menu options to make selections that suit your event’s mood or colour scheme easily.

Corporate Catering Solutions

Your Corporate events now have healthier options with elegant, professional, and delectable fruit platters.
  • Presentation: We provide sleek and stylish fruit platters that cater to your corporate event.
  • Convenience: For convenience, pieces are prepared in bite-sized portions for easier and fuss-free networking.

Special Occasion Platters

Catering Services Sydney
Quality Catering Platters Delivered to You in Sydney
For celebrations or special gatherings, our popular platters can be focal point of any event – whether it is a breakfast meeting, morning or afternoon tea, or a family get-together. You name it, we got you covered.
  • Design: Visually captivating food selections, fresh prepared by our chefs are sure to make your event unforgettable.
  • Memorable: Unique selections for every occasion.

Different Dietary Considerations

Our catering team excels in accommodating all dietary needs, ensuring every guest can indulge without worry.
  • Vegan & Vegetarian: Only the best plant-based ingredients, free of animal products.
  • Allergy-Friendly: Options for gluten-free and dairy-free guests with clear labelling to avoid any mix-ups.

Crafting the Perfect Fruit Platter

When creating a fruit platter, we focus on quality and freshness, ensuring a centrepiece is both artfully arranged and chock-full of nutrients. 

Selection and Presentation

Here are some reasons why fruit platters are so appealing:
  • Colourful – Fruit platters are naturally very colourful with all the different fresh fruits like berries, melons, citrus fruits, etc. The variety of bright colours is very eye-catching and appetising.
  • Fresh – The fruits on a platter are usually freshly sliced and at peak ripeness. This means they taste super sweet, juicy, and flavourful. The freshness really comes through with each bite.
  • Healthy  – Fruit is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s also a nutritious choice to satisfy a sweet tooth. People love fruit platters as a lighter and healthier option.
  • Kid Friendly – Fruits are a hit with kids since they are naturally sweet and fun to eat. Fruit platters are an easy way to get kids to eat something healthy.
  • Versatile – Platters work for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dessert, snacks, parties, weddings – you name it. They are perfect for different tastes and occasions.
  • Interactive – People can pick and choose which fruits to enjoy. No more stressing about what to prepare and serve. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Seasonal and Fresh Fruit Platters

Sydney’s markets offer a bounty of seasonal fruits that guarantees freshness and means the fruit on our platters tastes good and is packed with vitamins. Here are some examples of seasonal fruits that can make it onto a fruit platter depending on the time of the year
  • Summer : Mangoes, berries, stone fruits.
  • Winter : Citrus, pears, apples.
Fruit platters Catering Services in Sydney by Cafe C&M
Order a fruit platter from Cafe C&M – pick up at 4 locations – or have it delivered

Convenient Delivery and Setup

You can choose to either pick up your order at any of our cafes, or you can arrange timely doorstep delivery to fit with your schedule. We support you with convenience so your events can start on time with the least amount of stress.
  • Delivery Availability:

    • Weekdays and weekends
    • Specific time slots upon request
    • Advance booking recommended

Advantages of Fruit Platters at Events

Fruit platters provide a range of benefits for gatherings. Firstly, they are inherently healthy, giving guests a nutritious option packed with vitamins and minerals. Secondly, they cater to a wide variety of dietary preferences, making them a versatile choice. Due to their simplicity, they are also easy to serve and consume, minimising the need for complex preparation or cutlery.
  • Nutritious Choice: Vitamins, minerals, fibre
  • Dietary Inclusive: Suits many dietary needs
  • Simple to Serve: Minimal prep and easy to eat

Aesthetic and Taste Appeal

A fruit platter’s visual appeal is undeniable, often becoming a beautiful centrepiece that draws the eye. Their vibrant colours contribute a visual feast, enhancing the overall presentation of the event’s fare. Flavor-wise, a well-curated fruit platter offers a spectrum of tastes, from the sweet tanginess of strawberries to the mellow sweetness of ripe mango slices. Key Visual and Taste Qualities:
  • Vibrant Colours: Beautiful, eye-catching
  • Flavour Variety: Sweet, tangy, refreshing notes

Serving Suggestions for Maximum Impact

To make a lasting impression, serve fruit platters on large, flat dishes or timber boards for rustic charm. Arrangement is key – group colours and textures together for maximum impact, and consider adding some edible flowers for an extra touch of elegance. Fruit platters should be kept fresh and cool, and replenished regularly to remain inviting throughout the event. Presentation Tips for Fruit Platters:
  • Create Contrast: Group colours and textures
  • Elegant Touch: Add edible flowers for beauty
  • Maintain Freshness: Keep cool and replenish often

Beyond Fruit Platters

Need something more than a fruit platter? Check out our full catering for varied options from bagels to beverages.
  • Grazing Tables: Feature a mix of cheeses, cured meats, dips, and breads alongside fresh fruits and nuts.
  • Antipasto: Includes an assortment of olives, marinated vegetables, artisanal cheeses, and charcuterie.
  • Beverage Bar: You can add a range of fresh juices plus coffees and teas to your order.



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