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Bagels for Bonding: Bagel Catering for Family Fun

Bagel Catering Cafe C&M Kids picnic with Bagels

Whether it’s a sunny Saturday at the park or a friendly family brunch, our tasty bagel collections make for easy, delicious catering at your next gathering. 

Cafe C&M offers a variety of bagel boxes and platters packed with all the fixings for a perfect picnic or family meal.

Build Your Own Bagel Bar

Start with our Assorted Bagels with Jam, Cream Cheese & Nutella for a customisable spread. Let your guests choose from our variety of bagels, each with its unique flavour. Poppy seeds anyone? 

From the hearty Chunky Egg Bagel to the exotic Tandoori Chicken Bagel, there’s a bagel for every taste. Add sides of fresh fruits and yogurt parfaits. 

With so many tasty combinations, everyone can enjoy their perfect bagel treat.

Themed Event Selections With Your Favourite Bagels

For easy catering, select one of our themed bagel combination snacks:

Themed Event Selections With Your Favourite

Rise and Shine:

Wake up to our Bacon & Egg Breakfast Snack Box. It’s a hearty start to the day with a classic combination of bacon and egg on a fresh bagel.

Build-Your-Own Deli:

With stacks of bagels and a variety of fillings like the Chicken & Avo Bagel or the Salami & Cheese Bagel, you can cater to every preference.

Fruit and Farm:

A nutrition-packed platter with our Grilled Halloumi Bagel, fresh fruits, granola bites, and orange juice. It’s a wholesome choice for those seeking a lighter, healthier option.

Sweet Tooth:

Indulge cravings with our Assorted Bagels with Jam, Cream Cheese & Nutella. It’s a sweet treat that will delight the young and the young at heart.

Whatever the occasion, our convenient selections make catering bagels easy. Delicious food in ready-to-serve packages means more time enjoying quality moments together.

Café C&M: Bagels for Every Occasion

Pick up one of our pre-made bagel boxes or create a custom selection for effortless catering at your next family gathering or weekend outing. 

Smoked Salmon Bagel Lunch Snack Box

With fresh local ingredients and catering flexibility, let C&M Bagels bring the fun to your next event. 

Whether it’s the Smoked Salmon Bagel Lunch Snack Box for a sophisticated picnic or the Ham, Cheese & Tomato Bagel Lunch Snack Box for a casual family brunch, we’ve got you covered.

At Cafe C&M, we believe that good food brings people together. And what better way to bond with family and friends than over a basket of delicious, freshly made bagels? 

So, for your next gathering, consider Cafe C&M for a catering experience that’s sure to delight and satisfy.

Cafe C&M Catering: Delivery or Pick Up

Arrange for next day catering delivery or convenient pick up is available at one of our four Sydney cafe locations:



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