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For the best vibes of Sydney’s cafe culture, Cafe C&M shares their passion for great coffee, awesome bagels and more.

Our family of cafes have become landmarks for food lovers and casual coffee-goers. Great coffee and our gourmet bagels are just some of the highlights at our four locations.

  • Fun times in Bondi
  • Cosy corners in Rushcutters Bay
  • Eclectic scenes in Darlinghurst
  • Laid-back style in Peakhurst
C&M Cafe Campos Coffee

our coffee obsession - a partnership with campos

At the heart of Cafe C&M's journey is our commitment to quality. We proudly serve Campos Coffee, arguably Sydney’s best coffee and one of the most reputable coffee roasteries. This partnership ensures every cup you hold is not just a drink, but a premium coffee experience, crafted with beans that tell a story of sustainability, quality, and community.

Gourmet Bagels - The Cornerstone of Our Menu

Our menu’s star is the gourmet bagel. See if you agree – the mouth-watering flavours, baked fresh daily, are the best in Sydney. 

Each bagel is prepared with love, a perfect blend of traditional techniques and innovative flavours to cater to every palate. With adventurous new creations, our bagels have earned a reputation as a must-try for Sydney’s foodies.

more than a cafe - a community

Each Cafe C&M is more than just a café; it’s a community hub where you can enjoy each visit with warmth and familiarity. Our team includes passionate baristas, creative chefs and a friendly service team. They serve great coffee, delectable breakfasts and quick-service lunches that turn a meal into a memorable experience.

THE HEART OF CAFE C&M - ming and zoe

At the heart of Cafe C&M are our founders, Ming and Zoe, lifelong foodies with a shared passion for exceptional coffee and great food. With their 20 years of dedication in cafes, restaurants, and hospitality, they have poured their expertise into creating a home away from home for Sydney’s coffee and food lovers. 

Ming and Zoe’s vision is simple yet profound: to offer a friendly, high-quality experience where every meal is a delight and every coffee a moment of bliss.

you're invited!

As we continue to grow and share our journey, we invite you to visit your favourite Cafe C&M. Whether you’re seeking the comfort of a familiar local or the thrill of a new experience, Cafe C&M is your destination. Join us and be part of a story brewed with passion and served with a smile.

The Cafe C&M Family


Cafe C&M is proud to have been awarded the 2022 Campos Cafe Award for Excellence.

And the ultimate rewards are all our 5 ★ reviews on Google. Thank You.